What’SUP with SUP Yoga? Let’s start with the basics, yoga is a spiritual practice that encourages connecting the breath with movement into poses or asanas. Stretching the body slowly while breathing through poses enhances strength and flexibility. Focusing on slowing the breath relaxes the mind into a meditative and calm state. Yoga was traditionally practiced outdoors on uneven surfaces such as sand. Therefore, taking my paddleboard out and practicing yoga has always made sense to me. Although heads turn when people see me practicing yoga on my paddleboard. It looks strange to people!

SUP Yoga requires balance!

Enhancing your balance on a paddleboard is an obvious benefit to practicing yoga on the water. One of the perks to this activity is feeling more comfortable on a board after every practice. Coordination and balance are required to flow in and out of poses on a board. Moving on the board in this way can be a great asset to anyone looking into other sports on the board. These classes appeal to yoga students seeking an out of studio experience. SUP yoga also captures the attention of paddlers that are exploring new and dynamic ways to get on their boards.

Beginners to SUP Yoga are welcome to join

All levels are encouraged to try yoga classes. Modifications are provided for beginners. A few standing poses are altered for the paddleboard to increase stability. Balancing poses requiring standing on one leg are omitted from the session. Unwind with the mindful movement of yoga while floating on the water. There are many health benefits to practicing yoga, such as lower blood pressure and reducing stress related illnesses. There are different styles of yoga. Hatha yoga is a broad practice recommended for beginners. In Hatha yoga postures are held for a few breaths. Staying in poses for a period of time allows the body to gently release into them without straining the muscles. Power yoga also know as vinyasa flow, which means flowing the body with breath. This flow style is an aerobic form in which poses are held for only one breath. Flowing in and out poses with the breath builds inner heat and strength throughout the body.

Discover the freedom of moving freely on your paddle board

Practicing either form of yoga requires comfortable movement on the board. This comes with time and becomes more fluid with practice. As complicated as SUP yoga may seem, it’s actually no more difficult than fishing from a paddle board. Believe it or not practicing yoga on a paddleboard increased my balance during SUP fishing trips. Learning how to move freely on the board can also help to increase skills needed for SUP surfing as well as pivot turns. SUP yoga is a perfect addition to any fitness or paddle board training.

SUP Yoga Class offer in Englewood, Florida

Sunrise Paddleboard Yoga classes are offered every Friday at Stump Pass Beach State Park. Reservations are required as space is limited. Beginners are encouraged to join our classes. It helps to have previous paddle board experience as comfortable movement on a board is encouraged. At Stump Pass our class is held in a quiet area surrounded by mangroves and protected from boat traffic. The paddle boards are anchored to prevent the boards from drifting during class.

SUP Yoga also offered on Don Pedro Island in Cape Haze, Florida

Destination Paddleboard Yoga classes are held every Saturday morning at the Don Pedro Island State Park. This pristine environment offers a connection to nature unlike anywhere else in the area. If the tide is high enough, paddling yogis travel through the mangrove tunnel usually spotting sea stars and soft tubular coral along the way. Yoga classes are held in the Hidden Lagoon located inside the island. Classes are 90 minutes on the water, which provides time to paddle to destinations, anchor, and practice an hour of yoga. Due to summer showers our Sunset & Moonrise Paddleboard yoga classes are returning in Fall 2014.

Find a SUP Yoga Instructor Near you!

Discover the benefits for yourself by joining a class with our trained staff. SUP Englewood is proud to be areas only PaddleFit Affiliate and ASI School. PaddleFit is the only nationally recognized fitness organization in the paddle boarding community. I am also a Certified RYT 200 Yoga Instructor registered with the Yoga Alliance. Ensure that your instructors can teach on land and on the water. Find a certified instructor in your area by going to the Yoga Alliance directory at www.yogaalliance.org.