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Kayak Rentals


Kayak Flat Waterways

Flat waterways surround the coast of Southwest Florida. Spend your vacation or free time paddling along the coastline, fishing, or exploring the mangroves. Discover the best locations for paddling as we tour the top kayaking destinations. If you’re unfamiliar with the area or just looking for a new place to paddle, view our kayak guided tour locations. We provide free delivery and pick up of kayak rentals to coastal locations daily.

Best Kayak Rental Gear

Expect top of the line gear with your kayak rental. Our equipment is some of the newest in the area. All kayaks are self-bailing, which is the safest option for beginners. Sit on top boats will help to keep you cool in the hot, Florida sun. Storage is located at the back of every kayak, perfect for storing cold drinks, sunscreen, and fishing supplies.

Kayak Rental Safety

Safety information is provided with every kayak rental. Learn where to paddle safely, brief instruction on boating laws, and personal safety. We even provide maps for some coastal locations! Ask us ahead of time, and we’ll be sure to bring you out one of the local Florida State Parks.

Kayak rentals are all inclusive and provide all the safety equipment needed to meet U.S. Coastguard legal requirements. Make the most of out of kayak rental by exploring the area. Paddling through local waterways in Sarasota and Charlotte counties allows for great views of wildlife. Enjoy a leisurely workout while engaging your arms, core, back and legs. Take in the scenery of Southwest Florida, rentals are available sunrise to sunset. Just call (941) 234-4311 for availability.

Kayak Rental Rates

Half-Day Kayak Rental Rates
Rental Duration Rental Rate Location
4 Hours $35/Single Free delivery & pickup from Osprey to Englewood
4 Hours $45/Double Free delivery & pickup from Osprey to Englewood


Daily Kayak Rental Rates Boca Grande
Rental Duration Rental Rate Location
Full Day $55/Single Delivery & Pickup to Boca Grande included
Full Day $75/Double Delivery & Pickup Boca Grande Included


Daily & Multiple Day Kayak Rental Rates
Rental Duration Single Kayak Rental Rate Tandem Kayak Rental Rate
1 Day Kayak Rental $50/Single Kayak $65/Double Kayak
2 Day Kayak Rental $90/Single Kayak $110/Double Kayak
3 Day Kayak Rental $120/Single Kayak $150/Double Kayak
4 Day Kayak Rental $150/Single Kayak $190/Double Kayak
5 Day Kayak Rental $180/Single Kayak $220/Double Kayak
6 Day Kayak Rental $210/Single Kayak $250/Double Kayak
7 Day Kayak Rental $230/Single Kayak $275/Double Kayak


Kayak Rentals for Families with Children

Family friendly kayaks are perfect for bringing young children along on your kayaking adventure. Life vests are provided for all children. Tandem kayaks feature two seats, which are a great for young children to lean how to paddle while an adult is close by to take over if needed. This is recommended for children between 50-110 pounds. For children under 50 pounds we carry larger tandem kayaks that offer smaller seats in the middle. These kayaks can hold up to 575 pounds, and up to 2 adults and 2 children under 50 pounds. If you need this option, just ask for our quatro tandem kayak, and we will provide you with availability. This kayak is a favorite among families with young children. Don’t forgot the water and sun protection! Children usually have a more enjoyable experience during the early morning or later in the evening. Avoiding the hours of peak sun creates a more enjoyable experience allowing the whole family to fall in love with kayaking.