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One of the most common questions I receive from people is “how difficult is it to stand up on the board?” It is easy to learn how to stand up on a paddleboard. Most people get the hang of it in a matter of minutes. It is the technique in paddling that takes some time […]

There is a reason why Florida is one of the top vacation spots in the United States, other than just Mickey Mouse, and that is the number of fantastic beaches that dot the state. There is nothing quite like a day soaking up the sun, sea and sand in Florida, but it can quickly turn […]

Sea Stars are not fish therefore marine scientists have replaced their common name “starfish”. They are a type of echinoderm, which are related to sea cucumbers, sea urchins and sand dollars. The five-arm sea star is the most common however there are over 2.000 species of sea stars in the world’s oceans. Here in Southwest […]

Seagrass is a unique type of flowering plant found deep within the waters of a number of oceans and other forms of marine life. A significant number of herbivores that live under the water are dependent on such types of plants for survival, like the manatees for example. Water clarity is vital for the survival […]

People paddle board for many reasons; lately I have been boarding for the athletes in the SUP Special Olympics. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding has many health benefits, and everyone should experience this fun, new sport. Special Olympics is a program for individuals with special needs to participate in competitive sports. The first SUP Special […]

Water clarity at the serene coastline of Boca Grande offers an ideal location for Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding. If you are visiting the island of Boca, consider paddle board rentals or a SUP Guided Tour. There are few safety concerns to aware of when paddle boarding in Boca. Here’s what you need to know. Location […]

The Florida brown pelican, whose binomial name is Pelecanus Occidentalis, is prominently found at the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coasts of North and South America. In Florida, brown pelicans are commonly found in trees on coastal islands in colonies. These colonies are generally most numerous on the coasts central and southern Florida. The Brown Pelican […]

One of the great benefits of taking a trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida is being able to soak up the tropical weather and atmosphere without ever having to leave the mainland. You can literally feel as though you are lazing on your own tropical island, with white sand beaches and palm trees dotting […]

If you have ever tried water sports or gone swimming off the Southwest Coast of Florida you may well have spotted some incredible marine life that you haven’t seen up close before, among them, the seahorse. These beautiful little creatures can be found in the Gulf of Mexico and can be quite difficult to see […]

Manatees, usually known as Florida manatees, are scientifically known as as trichechus manatus. Manatees are aquatic mammals, very large in size and grey in color. Manatees even have a tail which is of paddle type in form. They have two forelimbs, referred to as flippers with nails on them. The manatees are similar to an […]


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