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Sunrise Paddle Board Yoga

  • Destination: Englewood
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Runs On: Friday
  • Price: $45

Balance your body, mind, and spirit with a refreshing paddleboard yoga experience.

Escape from the traditional yoga studio setting to a Destination Paddleboard Yoga class. Yoga was intended to be practiced on the earth. Come spice it up and enjoy yoga on the water!

There are two location options for Destination Paddle Board Yoga. At Stump Pass Beach State Park we will paddle to a private lagoon surrounded by mangroves. This is a calm, peaceful area protected from boat traffic. Dolphins are commonly seen on the paddle to and from our paddleboard yoga session.

Sunset yoga classes rejuvenate your mind and body. Enjoy the tranquility of a moonrise guided meditation to conclude the yoga session.

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Sunrise Paddle Board Yoga Health Benefits

SUP Yoga is a relaxing practice preformed on Lemon Bay in Englewood. There is no need to paddle during practice, and your instructor will ensure that everyone in class is anchored before the class begins. In paddleboard yoga the board is your yoga mat. The paddleboards used for our yoga practice are fully padded for extreme comfort and a non-slip surface.

Yoga has many health benefits including physical and mental aspects. Poses or asanas, help the body gain flexibility. Stretching lubricates the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other parts of your body. Yoga does more than release tension, it also improves circulation and tones the nervous system. Yoga’s relaxing properties are designed to broaden mental capabilities and enhance spiritual capabilities.

Paddleboard yoga is intended to enhance your in-studio balance. By taking your practice to the water you are now utilizing secondary muscles. Yoga was originally practiced on the earth, in sand or on uneven terrain. Practicing yoga on uneven surfaces engages other muscle development. Allowing your body to practice on new surfaces will in time create muscle memory. Enhancing your yoga practice on the water will improve your asanas on land and in-studio.

What do you wear to Paddleboard Yoga?
Most bathing suits move during yoga practice. Light clothing that covers you well is recommended.

Inspirational quote for paddleboard yoga

Paddleboard yoga sessions are followed by a guided meditation on the water. Float on your paddleboard while allowing your mind to drift. The positive benefits of mediation include clarity, focus, increased concentration, and balance.