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Paddle Fit: Killer Cardio

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Price: $35

Killer Cardio is a Paddle Fit complete class combining water & land exercises. Killer Cardio is an interval training class focusing on building strength and cardio endurance. Each class will get your heart rate and energy up!

Warm up on land and get your muscles ready for a paddling workout. Shoulders are the focus! While giving your back and arms a stretch too. Upper body warm-ups before and after paddling help to prevent lactic acid buildup in your muscles. Feel great after cardio & strength building workout!

Increase you Paddle Strokes per Minute with pyramid training. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in intervals, increasing your speed for a short distance, resting, and sprinting again for a longer distance.

Killer Cardio classes will also focus on prone, kneeling, and stand-up paddling. Strength training workouts on the water will take traditional gym classes to a new level! Use your paddle board as an exercise mat and preform mat exercises in the water to build core strength.

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Paddle Fit

Paddle Fit Classes

Paddle your way into fitness! Paddle Fit certified instructors lead exercises classes on land and on the paddleboards. Bring your love for the outdoors & fitness together for a fun workout.



Go the distance! Track your progress and watch the minutes per mile decrease as your speed improves. SUP Englewood will help you reach your goals on land & in the water. Personal coaching is available for a small fee.


All Inclusive

Paddle Fit Stand Up Paddle Board Classes include all the rental and safety equipment needed for your SUP adventure. Basic SUP instruction and water safety information is included to ensure your safety on the water.

Water Safety Requirements

Participants must be able to swim even though you may not get wet during the paddleboard adventure.



*Please Note: SUP Englewood is only at locations by reservation and all appointments must be made in advance. Cash and credit payments are NOT accepted on site due to permitting laws.

Same Day Service Available

Please call (941) 234-4311 to reserve or check our schedule in the online booking system.