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Paddle Boca Grande – Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail Guided Tour

  • Destination: Boca Grande
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Runs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Kayak and Paddle Board Tours in Boca Grande, FL

Stand Up Paddleboard and Kayak Guided Tours will launch from The Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail in Boca Grande, Florida. The calm water at this access point is perfect for learning how to stand up paddle board or just paddling around. Discover marine life, view coastal birds and see marine mammals. This tour is available by custom request daily. Trips to this location are private paddling adventures for you and yours to enjoy in peace.

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Kayak and Paddle Board in Boca Grande! Daily Rentals & Private Eco Tours Available.

Sunny day Stand up paddling on Gasparilla Island Boca Grande FL

We learned how to Stand up Paddleboard on Gasparilla Island today

Stand Up Paddle Guided Tours will launch from The Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail in Boca Grande, Florida. The calm water at this access point is perfect for learning how to stand up paddle board.

Paddling around Boca Grande offers different paddling options depending on the current. Your guide will help you navigate through barrier islands and a mangrove pathway. Or take you into the heart of Boca Grande where you can explore Gasparilla Island from the bay.

Stand up paddle boarding guided tours are eco-friendly and ideal for enjoying the nature and wildlife. View native and migrating birds such as the White Pelican. The water surrounding Gasparilla Island is clear and shallow therefore you will see many fish, live shells and other sea creatures while out on your SUP adventure.


You can request a private tour of any Barrier Island Destination throughout the year.

Private tours are based on availability. Call (941) 234-4311 for more information.



Barrier Islands of Boca Grande

Paddle from Gasparilla Island to Three Sisters Island and Hoagen Key. These barrier islands surround Gaspailla Island, also known as Boca Grande. Gasparilla Sound and the Boca Grande Bayou are the calm waterways surrounding this area. Discover why Boca Grande is perfect location for paddle boarding and kayaking adventures.


Manatees Love Boca Grande

Paddle Board and Kayak with manatees during warm water months. These loving sea creatures are here seasonally and prefer water to be over 75 degrees. Manatees eat over 60 pounds of vegetation a day! They love the calm, shallow waters on Boca Grande as healthy seagrass is plentiful in this coastal environment.


Paddle Board Adventures in Boca Grande

Couples Paddleboarding Adventure Tour Gasparilla Island FL


*Please Note: SUP Englewood is only at locations by reservation and all appointments must be made in advance. Cash and credit payments are NOT accepted on site due to permitting laws.

All Inclusive

SUP Englewood Guided Tours include all the rental equipment needed for your paddling adventure as well as instruction.

Manatee swimming beside me Stand up Paddleboarding on Boca Grande FL

Paddleboard Guided Tour in Boca Grande

Private tours are available year around by phone request. Please reach out to SUP Englewood to request a paddle boarding or kayaking option on Boca Grande at (941) 234-4311.

Launch Location

The Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail
19th Street & East Railroad Ave. Boca Grande, FL (Bayside)
Stand up Paddle Boarders on a guided tour in Gasparilla Island FL

Water Safety Requirements

Participants must be able to swim even though you may not get wet during the paddleboard adventure.

Parental Supervision Required:

Parent/Guardian must accompany minors under 18 on the tours. Parents are responsible for their children during the tour. It is recommended that children under 110 pounds ride along on a parents board. Weight must be under 300 lbs total on the paddle board.
Paddle boarding with manatees in Boca Grande Florida

Paddle Board & Kayak Guided Tour Pricing

1 person = $250/ person
2 people = $125/ person
3 people = $85/person
4 people = $65/ person
6 or more = $55/ person
Paddle board and kayak Guided tours are private and customized for the best experience possible.

Paddle Board and Kayak in Boca Grande

Paddle Boarding on Gasparilla Island Lee Charlotte County FL The best areas for learning to paddle are in areas with less current. The Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail is a system of trails created by Lee County, featuring paddling options in Gasparilla Sound, Pine Island Sound, Charlotte Harbor, Estero Bay and the Caloosahatchee River. Boca Grande offers an access point to the Blueway at the end of 19th Street East. Parking is limited at this location but it is a beautiful place to paddle. This area features seagrass flats filled with marine life. Manatees are frequently spotted on this section of the east side of Gasparilla Island, and this area is also a prime fishing spot for kayakers.

Kayak Boca Grande – Kayak Rentals Offered Daily

Rental Duration Rental Rate Location
Full Day $55/Single Delivery & Pickup to Boca Grande included
Full Day $75/Double Delivery & Pickup Boca Grande Included


Stand Up Paddle board and kayak launch on 19th Street East in Boca Grande Florida The barrier islands that border the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida offer unique views of nature. Water clarity on the serene coastline of Gasparilla Island creates an ideal location for stand-up paddleboarding. This island, home to the town of Boca Grande, offers inshore access to Gasparilla Sound and various public beaches for paddling in the Gulf of Mexico. As with any paddling sport, location is key. Boca Grande Pass, at the southern tip of the island, is actually a very dangerous place for less experienced paddleboarders. The currents in the Pass, which is the main connection between the Gulf and Charlotte Harbor, can be extremely strong. When the current and wind are going in opposite directions, waves 4 to 6 feet high are common.

Paddle Board Rentals Offered Daily

Rental Duration Rental Rate Location
4 Hours $55/board Delivery & Pickup to Boca Grande included
Full Day $75/board Delivery & Pickup Boca Grande Included

Discounts available for multiple day Kayak or Paddle Board Rentals. Please call (941) 234-4311 to reserve. Paddle board and kayak rentals include delivery and pickup to waterfront properties on the island of Boca Grande.