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Private Paddleboard Lessons & Intermediate Classes

  • Destination: Stump Pass Beach State Park
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Runs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Price: $65

Anyone can SUP! One should know how to prevent injury, self-rescue, boating laws and local knowledge before ever venturing out. SUP Englewood provides a water lesson progression for those who want to learn about this new water sport. There’s a lot of information regarding, stance, stroke, turns, balance, fitness, surf and flat water. Land Lessons are provided before ever launching onto a paddle board. A land lesson includes essential information for water safety.

We offer daily Beginner Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons. These trips include everything that a beginner needs to have a fun and safe experience on the water. Private Paddle Board Lessons for beginners, and intermediate to advanced paddle boarders are also available by request.

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PaddleFit & WPA Certified Instructors

Learn from PaddleFit & WPA Certified Instructors to enhance your current knowledge. SUP Englewood certified paddle board instructors are also, elite paddlers, and experienced Lifeguards with First Aid and CPR certifications.

Paddle Fit

Paddle Fit Classes

Paddle your way into fitness! Paddle Fit certified instructors lead exercises classes on the paddleboards. Bring your love for the outdoors & fitness together for a fun workout.



Go the distance! Track your progress and watch the minutes per mile decrease as your speed improves. SUP Englewood will help you reach your goals on land & in the water.

SUP Basics Lesson #1 / Guided Tours / SUP 101

A land lesson will be provided for basic safety before starting the water portion. This lesson will cover: 1. How to properly stand up on the paddle board. 2. Basic paddle stroke for paddle boarding. 3. Basic turns for paddling. 4. Balancing techniques for beginners. 5. Identify paddling hazards.

Feel confident with paddle boarding after this lesson and know that you have all the safety information to comfortably paddle again without an instructor.

Guided Tours are offered every day at Stump Pass Beach State Park. Book today to begin your paddling journey!

Intermediate Paddling Skills

Hawaiian Paddle Stroke is great for a leisurely paddle. Learning a combination of Hawaiian and Tahitian paddle stroke is more efficient. Paddle Stroke Lessons begin on land with the paddle stroke shape and practice with proper position. This lesson will cover: Skill training, Paddle shape, Feathering, the Power Zone, and Paddle Drills, Cross-Bow and Pivot Turns. Learn how to paddle like a pro! Paddle boarding is as strenuous as you want it to be. This lesson can be considered an intro race, distance, or stamina training. Paddling drills will help you to learn proper stroke and give you options for practicing on your own.

Take your paddling skills to a new level with this lesson. Feel confident that you could paddle out of any situation, including distance, wind and current. Continue to learn safety information with every lesson.

Paddle at any age

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PaddleFit & WPA Certified Instructors will enhance your current knowledge of paddling technique. Academy of Surfing Instruction focuses on paddling safety and ensuring that every paddler has the skills and knowledge to make proper risk assessments about their paddling environment. Learn from the best to ensure that you’re receiving appropriate safety and technique instruction. SUP Englewood certified paddle board instructors are also, elite paddlers, and experienced Lifeguards with First Aid and CPR certifications.

Assessments are preformed to demonstrate progress through the paddle board lessons. Each Paddle Board Lesson has a unique focus and will provide you with the best techniques for paddling efficiency. Coaching from our WPA & Paddle Fit certified instructors will guarantee personal advancement in your paddle boarding goals. Paddle boarding will help you achieve wellness and health goals.

Paddle Board Lessons are technique based. Instructors will provide participants with paddling drills to enhance speed, technique and overall paddling performance. SUP Englewood allows up to six paddlers per instructor.

Go the Distance

Expect your strength and endurance to increase as you learn proper paddling stroke. Usually participants desire to go the Distance during class. Each class will focus on a specific Paddle Technique to build your skills on the water.

To go the distance you have to first learn how to paddle at a solid pace for a longer period of time. These skills will build your core strength and endurance. However it’s not about your speed. The emphasis is on your Paddle Technique to build up your skills on the water. Each class will cover a different paddling technique.

There’s a lot that goes into a proper paddle stroke! Proper Paddling Technique requires the eye of someone with experience. SUP Englewood PaddleFit Coaches provide instruction on land and verbal cues in the water to enhance your SUP stroke. Switching sides, as well as cross-bow and pivot turns will be the focus of some classes.

Distance PaddleFit Training is ideal for anyone looking to improve his or her general health. Learn more about proper paddle stroke while increasing your speed & distance. SUP Englewood’s Distance Paddle Fit Training can be utilized for distance race training.

Paddle like a pro!

Take your paddling skills to a new level with this workshop. Feel confident that you could paddle out of any situation, including distance, wind and current.

Intermediate paddlers will learn paddling techniques that are guaranteed to increase speed, pivot and buoy turns, and intro to race training.

These skills take time and participants are encouraged to continue at the intermediate level until they are ready to become an advanced paddler.

SUP Englewood also offers SUP Skills Lessons

What do you want to do with your SUP? It’s a versatile, fun new watersport and people are using their boards for more than just flat water touring & surfing. Learn the skills that are needed for fishing, yoga, fitness, distance, racing, and light paddle surfing in the gulf. We’ll give you the best safety tips for each category that you’re looking to get into. There’s a lot of information for each one therefore separate lessons for skills should be scheduled.